Yule Greeting, 2018-19 (2:00:00)

My annual Yule greeting and update to about 100 people who have expressed an interest in my work. Imagine that you could hop into your transporter and beam up to central Maine for an afternoon (compressed into 2 hours) for a conversation about the perilous state of Earth and civilzation; why what's being done by humanity now (proposed political, economic and legal changes) to address Earth's crisis is necessary but not sufficient; and how the new view of nature and how it works offered by complexity sciences and geophysiology are equally necessary, along with an intimate reconnection of humans to nature.

Then I offer you five tours: 1) my video studio (Basecamp Studio: minimal, functional, & mobile); 2) a map tour of central Maine; 3) a slide show tour of one of the most beautiful places on Earth (IMO): Pollywog Gorge in Nahmakanta just south of Mt Katahdin; 4) my bushcraft studio, including an introduction to my hammock, IMO the most comfortable sleeping system ever designed; and 5) a tour of my South View Trail Network, where I integrate science with nature experiences.

Bonnie Sammons
about 1 year agoDecember 28, 2018
Looking really great so far A'!  Have to come back tomorrow to finish it.
Alder Stone Fuller
about 1 year agoDecember 28, 2018
Thanks, Bon.  At your leisure.  Best watched in leisure.  :)
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