Introduction to Geophysiology - Part 1

This video and the accompanying Part 2 serves three functions. 1) They are lesson 9 in my Complexity 101 video course. I decided to produce it before seven other lessons so that students and potential students in the course can see one of the punchlines of Complexity 101. 2) It is an introduction to Geophysiology 101, the video course, that I hope to begin producing in autumn, 2019 or early 2020. 3) It is a standalone, very thorough answer to the question, "What is Ge or Gaia?", in particular for viewers of some of my other videos (e.g., Beyond Politics & Economics: Addressing Climate Change Requires More) in which I briefly describe what they are. Viewers who have completed Complexity 101 will still understand the ideas in these two more completely.

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