From Atoms to Immunity: Biology 101 - Teaser

Here is a 3-minute teaser for the video course named in the title. This teaser uses the same slide show that I'll use for a 1-hour long video introduction (available in December, 2019, before winter solstice), but condensed into three minutes, un-narrated and backed by a moving instrumental percussion track. (I've always imagined that cell metabolism "sounds" -- at least metaphorically -- like an orchestra of mostly drums.) The goal of the teaser is to offer a substantive taste of the words and images to be explored -- although the full hour long introduction will include narration (of course) and additional images.

I originally called it a "trailer", but a trailer is excerpts of a full film that's completed. This is not that. ** IT is NOT designed to be read word for word, but scanned rapidly for keywords and concepts. The images are not meant to be studied closely, but to make an fleeting impression like a Van Gogh painting of processes happening inside you. Keywords and most images will be familiar to those who have studied biology, but mostly foreign to others. If you wish to read a slide and peruse images more carefully, simply pause the video either at the end of a slide to read all words, or at a particular image before it gets covered up. **

Because this is a LOT of concepts and images going by very quickly -- rather like a fun fire hose -- this will be an easier watch for a biologist who's familiar with a lot of stuff. (Although any one with any background will be able to easily digest the hour-long introduction that follows from this.) My suggestion is, watch this teaser (at least) twice. First time through, without stopping, let it rip, and wash over you like a waterfall. Second time through, pause as often as desired to read and view. (Note: in the actual lecture, images will be zoomed for examination.)

What's your motivation to engage this teaser, then later -- hopefully -- the introduction and course? This is my attempt at science education meets art in a video medium, to attract those who are not normally oriented to science, especially if it's offered in a traditional, dry classroom mode. The introduction will be done as a more traditional presentation, but not in a "classroom", and certainly not dry.

The introduction, in turn, will be for -- and a lesson in -- a multi-hour (estimated 16 - 18 hours) video course to be produced starting early 2020. It will be offered at an introductory, college level for adults of any background, from no previous science to advanced degrees in biology, in an informative, but stress-free, enjoyable fashion with humor. No exams unless requested Q and A by multiple means.

This course complements my courses in other related topics, most notably How Nature Works: Complexity 101. At the end of this trailer is a link to the Stone's Map web site Biology 101 page. There will be links there to Complexity 101 in a nearby page.

I have studied biology nearly continuously beginning 1967 in a HS AP biology class, right through the PhD in evolutionary ecology (UNM, 1990) and ever since to the present day. I have taught it almost continuously since early grad school (circa '76). This video course is my entry into the realm of online biology education AND linking traditional biological knowledge learned during the age of mechanistic reductionism to radical, but awe-inspiring new views of life from the perspective of complexity sciences.

David Korn
over 1 year agoOctober 28, 2019
Wonderful.  Most impressive.  Wish I could say more, right now, anyway.  Life overwhelms me with cares.  Money, work, health, just trying to keep my own boat up.  Suffice to say, I value you. That is the main rub, in this moment.  Your work is great.  As are you!
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